Burger Trigger

This element is for adding animation burger toggle buttons to your site. These can be used as a trigger to open and close offcanvas’, mobile slide menus or modals on your site. Ideal for building custom offcanvas menus, or triggering content that pops up on click.

Animation options:

  • 3dx
  • 3dy
  • arrow
  • arrow-alt
  • arrowturn
  • boring
  • collapse
  • elastic
  • minus
  • slider
  • squeeze
  • vortex
  • none

A live demo of these animation options can be seen here.

Multiple Use Cases

The burger trigger, of course, can be used as a regular button if you were building something custom where you just needed a button with a nice animation, however when used with BricksExtras components there’s some ‘done-for-you’ functionality built-in..

Notably.. when used with the offcanvas or modal elements, the burger button will ‘know’ to automatically toggle itself back to closed after they are dismissed.

Also, for convenience, the ‘aria-label’, the ‘aria-expanded’ attributes are auto populated, and if used with the Offcanvas or Modal, the ‘aria-controls’ will the inherit the correct value for specific element that button is controlling.