BricksExtras & Black Friday

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Over the last 17 months, we’ve been helping Bricks users expand their capabilities and improve workflow with a growing library of new elements and features.

Update – the Black Friday Period has ended & we’ve moved onto the new pricing.

The ongoing goal has remained the same – to provide the best (carefully considered) elements & features that are as useful as possible in everyday projects when building with Bricks.

To achieve that, we’re always focused on both flexibility and making the functionality extendable, so as to fit as many use cases as possible. – For example, it’s not enough to provide a few different nice-looking options for carousels or sliders to add to your page, it’s much more important to provide a flexible tool to allow you to build ANY slider layout.

I’m very proud of the features we’ve shipped so far over the last year or so. Just to name a few – The Pro Slider with auto-synced external controls, which completely changed how we could build slider layouts in Bricks. The most flexible tabs/accordion elements, the dynamic charts and tables, nestable popovers & timelines, the nestable offcanvas, modal & lightbox elements (that allow for much more possibilities than the native options). And more recently, the 50+ new element conditions, which help us build more user-focused websites based on memberships, product purchases, subscriptions etc.

It’s been quite a ride. I appreciate all the great feedback and our users for helping to shape BricksExtras. We look forward to adding a lot more, not only are we adding new elements & features, but we’re continuously revisiting our existing elements to make sure they cover more use cases based on user request and ideas.

Bricks & the Future

Bricks itself has come a long way in that same time (it’s actually pretty incredible how much has changed). Looking forwards, the awaited ‘components’ feature has the potential to radically change how we all build sites with Bricks.

It’s an exciting time. Leveraging the functionality from BricksExtras, together with native elements to create larger, more complex, reusable UI components – It really has the potential to be something very powerful and open up a lot of new possibilities for people.

Along with Sorting & Filtering & the coming Class Manager, it looks like Bricks is really raising the bar and we’re excited to be a part of that future and grow with them.

Black Friday

The current lifetime plan for BricksExtras has essentially remained the same since shortly after launch. Instead of increasing the price as new functionality was added, we kept the price low and this Black Friday period is the opportunity for that “one last chance” for anybody wishing to pick up that lifetime license. We’re then moving over to new pricing that better reflects the current value that is on offer.

Here are the details..

After the whole Black Friday Sale period, (ending Thursday 30th Nov) the current lifetime option will no longer be available and will be replaced with two new options..

Agency Plan – if you prefer to jump in at a lower price point, and “pay as you go”, this would be for you. $79 for the first year of updates and access to support, followed by a 20% renewal discount for future years. (price locked so you wouldn’t need to worry about future price increases)

Lifetime Plan – This will cover you indefinitely, one-time payment. Access to all future updates. $197.

(Both licenses will have no limitation on installations).

Grab your license here