Kind words from the Bricks community.

Quotes from Bricks' community users sharing their thoughts on BricksExtras 🤗

Working with WordPress with over a decade, I have experienced a lot of good and bad plug-ins. This suite of elements is absolutely amazing and easy to use even for a Brick novice.

The support provided is absolutely outstanding and the community is friendly and patient.
I couldn’t recommend it more.

Antoine Gedroyc

Bricksextras is an incredible collection of complex extensions for Bricksbuilder!
Functions, extensions and dynamic tags save a lot of time in your daily work!
Extremely worth mentioning is the excellent, fast and sympathetic support!
A must have for every agency with Bricks Builder in the stack!

Sebastian Berger

Great plugin , I have picked up my license after a huge research because I need to keep bricks pure as far as I can and not overload it with unneaded or low quality coded addons.

Kadri Jamali

BricksExtras – an essential plugin for me (for Bricks). David and Sridhar are excellent developers.

Sinisa Sinjori

I’m 100% satisfied with BricksExtras; no complaints whatsoever.

Niko Strobel

Great plugin, in all ways. They try to use as much as possible the same JS libraries as Bricks (such as PhotoSwipe for Sliders and Lightbox) so that there is no additional libraries loaded that would bring unnecessary bloat. The BricksExtras team is fantastic, for me the one and only must-have.

Antoine Lippens

BricksExtras is not only a collection of well-developed add-ons, but both Sridhar and David are active contributors to helping the Bricks Facebook community and in the Bricks forum

Nora Holmquist

Always great support and the listen to feature requests

Adam Zonnis

Must have, the plugin I used the most.

Nicolas Heinen

Great product! Highly recommend

Kyle Behrend

Really love the product!! It has everything you need and more. The customisable elements make it so that it works for every client, no matter what.

Brian van der Spa

Amazing plugin. Great development, huge expansion of possibilities, and great service.They are doing a great service to the Bricks community

Aaron Blanco Tejedor

Loving this Pro Slider Control! Thanks David Browne and Sridhar Katakam for this tool. Makes it so easy to make something look nice quickly.

Gerson Robles

BricksExtras is worth every penny. David and the team are always helping me get the absolute most out of the Extras plugin. I can’t recommend them enough.

John Aperture

BricksExtras is a really well-developed and thought-out tool. It relies on good Bricks standards like Nestable Elements and focuses on flexibility.

Daniele De Rosa

Great shoutout for BricksExtras here. I had a project where i needed a nestable offcanvas element. Requested it 4 weeks ago and now with the 1.2.4 update it works !!

Jasper VK should check out how BricksExtras modals work. Soooo much better and has no need for templates, Just a Modal widget with nested elements..
A bit tongue in cheek, but I would say it is probably how Bricks Builder should have done theirs 🙂
Alan Blaire