Adjacent Posts

This extension to Bricks’ Query Loop allows for easily fetching data from the previous/next posts. Compatible with any regular posts, or a custom post type (except pages, which don’t have an order).

Any layout can be achieved as the posts can be built with native elements. Ideal for building completely custom designs for prev/next post navigation.

Query Loop Extras: Nestable Adjacent Posts in Bricks
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Adjacent Post – Choose to fetch either the previous or next post (order dictated by WordPress via the published date)

Post should be in the same taxonomy term – Whether to only include the posts that shares the same taxonomy term as provided in the setting below.

Taxonomy Term – If the setting above is enabled, then here you can choose which taxonomy to take into consideration. The default is ‘category’, so only posts that share a category with the current post can be output.

Excluded Term IDs – Any taxonomy terms that should be ignored, add their IDs here.

Example to show the format – ‘3’,’16’,’34’