One price, unlimited sites.

Do more with Bricks with access to a growing library of flexible elements and features.

Unlimited sites

Support & updates

No framework dependency

Developer docs

No recurring payments

Tutorials & docs

Everything within the native Bricks UI

Nestable elements

  • Lifetime License
    No subscriptions. Unlimited access to all future updates.
    (USD exclusive of VAT/GST)


Can I use on client sites?

Yes. Your license is valid for unlimited sites that you build, whether they're for you or someone else. Note that the support is for you though as the customer, not your clients. Group buying is not allowed (this includes buying licenses to resell them to other users).

Is it compatible with CSS Frameworks?

For the most part the elements are providing the functionality, not a pre-built layout. The styling is up to you (apart from the general structure of the element). Adding classes or using CSS variables can be used with our elements, and inside the style settings in the same way as when working with native Bricks elements.

How long will this price be for?

As more elements and more functionality is added the price will likely increase (or the lifetime option removed altogether). Existing customers will receive all future updates at no extra cost.

Will feature X be added?

Users with ideas for new elements or new features added to existing elements can send over feature requests.

Will this slow down my site?

Unlike with some generic WP plugins. Any structural CSS or JS required to power the elements is added only to the specific page or template where it has been used. (the same as if you were adding code to the page to build it yourself)

What is your refund policy?

We provide a refund within the first 15 days of purchase if you find that BricksExtras is not working as it is supposed to AND if you have contacted our support and we are unable to fix the issue to your satisfaction.

Can I sell pre-designed Bricks templates/pages using BricksExtras elements?

Absolutely, just note that the customer would need their own BricksExtras license to be able to activate the elements on their end. Your license only extends to websites you are creating yourself.