• [Fluent Forms] – Switched over some control types to allow for CSS variables.
  • [Modal] – When using custom link for closing, browser will now follow the link after closing the modal.
  • [General] – Addressed an issue that was causing styling not to be applied when elements were being pulled from other templates inside of templates (ex.: the “template” element or “post content” element).
  • [Modal/OffCanvas] – Fixed issue with “template” versions that would cause the “hide in builder” setting to reset sometimes when moving the elements in the structure panel.


  • [General] – Fixed an issue where inline CSS wasn’t correctly output on some installs.


  • [Header Search] – New element for creating different types of header searches.
  • [Lottie] – New element for adding interactive Lottie animations.
  • [Toggle Switch] – New element for adding toggle switches (supports multiple toggles).
  • [Content Switcher] – New element for switching multiple versions of any content.
  • [Lightbox] – Added iFrame option for lightbox content.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Now supports being inside nested query loops.
  • [Image Hotspots] – Now supports being inside nested query loops.
  • [Dynamic Chart] – Now supports being inside nested query loops.
  • [Dynamic Chart] – If no data found, will now output nothing, instead of an empty chart.
  • [Modal] – Performance improvement (prevent images/video loading until modal opened).
  • [Star rating] – Added “gap” setting for stars.
  • [Lightbox] – Fixed lazy loading images not always showing in Safari.
  • [General] – Removed all slider controls to replace with number controls (to align with Bricks v1.5.1 removing the units dropdown).
  • [General] – Minor CSS specificity changes for Bricks v1.5.1.
  • [General] – Performance improvement for element CSS to prevent FOUC (also now respects user preferred CSS loading method as set in Bricks settings – inline or external files)


  • [Dynamic tag – Loop Index] – New tag “x_loop_index” for count inside query loops (with offset filter).
  • [Interactive features] – Now available for the div and block elements.
  • [Modal, Lightbox] – Added flex layout controls to main “content” settings for easier control over the inner content layout.
  • [Table of Contents] – Now supports including headings found inside separate containers.
  • [Burger Trigger] – Added “active line color” control.


  • [Modal] – Added option to disable scroll when open.
  • [Star Rating] – Improved logic for star rating to avoid issue when using empty values from dynamic data.


  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – New element for being able to popup dynamic content from inside post loops.
  • [Offcanvas, Modal] – New nestable elements to replace older versions (previous “template” versions still available for backward compatibility or if you prefer to use templates).
  • [Read More / Less, Header Notification Bar, Pro Alert, Shortcode Wrapper, Pro Alert] – now supports nesting elements.
  • [Dynamic Tags] – Now supports being used inside AJAX added content (ex.: when using inside content dynamically added using WP Grid Builder’s filters).
  • [Star Rating] – Now allows for any number of total stars.
  • [Slide Menu] – Now allows for elements being inside, either above/below the menu items.
  • [Table of contents] – Added ability to have “closed on page load”.
  • [Burger Trigger] – Better default CSS to prevent bottom gap if changing the display setting.
  • [Fluent Form] – Fixed issue with dynamic data for Form ID not displaying form correctly.
  • [Fluent Form] – Fixed CSS specificity issues where styles added via class were being overridden by defaults.
  • [General] – A few small CSS fixes to account for Bricks v1.5’s new default CSS.
  • [General] – Added support for Bricks’ experimental feature “Add Element ID & class only as needed” (elements that need the element ID to function, will have an ID added automatically if there isn’t one).



Fixed a fatal error due to change in the attributes of bricks/element/render_attributes filter.



[Dynamic Table] – Added option to specify column data type as ‘number’, to allow for sorting by numbers.
[Dynamic Table] – Now allows for HTML tags from WYSIWYG fields inside cells.
[Slide Menu] – Added ‘text indent’ setting for nested sub menu links
[Image Hotspots] – Fixed issue where marker background style wasn’t visible.
[Table of Contents] – Fixed issue with unique IDs causing table not to show.



[Parallax] – Improved the parallax scroll feature, new “default” setting for all devices.
[Star Rating] – Small improvement for the default CSS.



[Dynamic Chart] – New element for displaying line/bar charts using dynamic data.
[Read More/Less] – New element for expanding/revealing content.
[Star Rating] – New element for displaying star ratings (for testimonials, reviews etc).
[Dynamic Data Tags] – Added multiple new tags for use inside Bricks’ dynamic data options.
[Dynamic Table] – Added an option to make columns resizable.
[Dynamic Table] – Added an option to prevent column text wrapping.
[Dynamic Table] – Added cell overflow control.
[Dynamic Table] – Added an option to specify a min-width for each column.
[OffCanvas] – Added an option to prevent site scrolling when open.
[Modal & OffCanvas] – iFrame embeds, videos and forms inside will now be automatically reset/stopped when closed.



[Image hotspots] – Added ability to control animation for popovers.
[Fluent form] – Fixed issue with box-shadow not being applied.
[General] – Fixed error when using WP Toolkit searching for updates.
[General] – Fixed error if Bricks theme deactivated with BricksExtras still active.



Public release