• [Evergreen Countdown] – New element for evergreen countdowns.
  • [Dynamic Chart] – New query loop option for dynamically adding new data points.
  • [Header Search] – Added “expand” search type.
  • [Pro Accordion] – Added an option to auto-add FAQ schema to all accordion items.
  • [Notification Bar] – The “show again until the user clicks dismiss” now allows for showing again after a set time.
  • [Pro Slider Gallery] – Added an option to change the size of the image when adding links (for use with Dynamic Lightbox).
  • [Hotspots] – Markers can now be links.
  • [Slide Menu] – Added customizable aria-label for dropdown arrows.
  • [Table of Contents] – Added “conditional display” option to remove the table if no headings are found.
  • [X-Ray] – Moved the position of the icon and can now be enabled/disabled from the plugin settings page.
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Plyr assets are no longer being fetched from the CDN.
  • [General] – Added support for using elements inside content filtered by Piotnet Grid’s facets.
  • [General] – Some minor UI changes are ready for Bricks v1.8.
  • [Lottie] – Fixed an issue with the “hover” trigger where child elements would restart the animation.
  • [Pro Slider] – Fixed an issue where styling wasn’t correct inside the builder if was inside Bricks’ template element.
  • [Table of Contents] – Fixed an issue where adding non-numeric values in offset wasn’t accepted.
  • [Modal] – Fixed an issue where the very bottom of the modal sometimes wasn’t visible on mobile devices.


  • [Adjacent Posts] – New Query Loop extension for building custom prev/next post layout.
  • [Related Posts] – New Query Loop extension for displaying related posts within specific taxonomies.
  • [General] – Support added for JetSmartFilters for using the elements inside loops being filtered (Modal, Lightbox, OffCanvas, Pro Accordion, Social Share, Read More, Pro Slider & Popover).
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Now supports being inside nested query loops.
  • [Pro Slider] – Now supports being inside nested query loops (including syncing and controls).
  • [Pro Slider] – Added “adaptive height” option to allow slider to adapt to current active slide height.
  • [Pro Slider] – Added support for re-triggering “big” inner animations – fadeInUpBig, fadeInDownBig etc. from Bricks’ interactions.
  • [Pro Slider Gallery] – Gallery images can now be linked to Bricks v1.7.2+ Lightbox.
  • [Site breadcrumbs] – Added more controls over output – excluding specific post/product categories or disabling categories.
  • [Dynamic Chart] – New horizontal option for bar/line charts. (labels up the Y-axis, values along the X-axis).
  • [Dynamic Chart] – Now allows for adding units before or after the values.
  • [Dynamic Chart] – Added option to add tooltips to charts.
  • [Dynamic Chart] – Fixed an issue where using large 7+ digit numbers (that resemble telephone numbers) as values wouldn’t plot correctly if viewed on iOS.
  • [Header Extras] – Fixed Header Extras tab sometimes not appearing inside page settings.
  • [Header Search] – Fixed an issue with icons not changing size/colors if using custom SVGs.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Fixed an issue with “if no rows found” text not being customisable when pagination disabled.


  • [Social Share] – New element for adding social share buttons.
  • [Site Breadcrumbs] – New element for adding site-wide breadcrumbs.
  • [Modal] – Now supports being inside nested query loops (up to 3 levels deep).
  • [OffCanvas] – Now supports being inside nested query loops (up to 3 levels deep)
  • [OffCanvas] – Added an option to fade in in addition to slide in for the Transition type.
  • [Pro Slider] – Added Splide lazy loading option.
  • [Pro Slider Gallery] – Added a setting to enable slider lazy loading for all gallery images (either Bricks or Splide lazy load).
  • [Pro Slider Gallery] – Added a setting to enable/disable SRCSET on images.
  • [General] – Added out-of-the-box support for WP Grid Builder’s facets. Modal, OffCanvas, Pro Accordion, Pro Slider, Dynamic Lightbox, Social Share, Read More, Popover (for being used inside query loops when building filtered).
  • [Tilt Effect] – Scale now accepts decimal values ( 1.5 = 150%).
  • [Pro Accordion] – Added an option to change the HTML tag on the wrapper (for doing ul>li etc).
  • [Dynamic Table] – Added an option to set a fixed height for a scrollable table (header & footer remain fixed).
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Added an option to change UI color for video player in manual link mode.
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Can now use class added to headings or images directly for link selectors (before you may have needed to use .my-class a due to Bricks not adding the classes to the links, this is done automatically now).
  • [Content Timeline] – Reworked the logic for the line, for more accurate positioning.
  • [Content Timeline] – Added -—x-timeline-progress CSS variable that changes value from 1 – 100 as the timeline progresses (can be used to change styles on any inner elements based on timeline position).
  • [Interactive Cursor] – Added an option to change border-radius of ball/trails.
  • [X-Ray] – Slightly darker outlines by default for better visibility (users can change --x-xray-color CSS variable from Bricks CSS settings if wishing to change color).
  • [Modal] – Fixed the issue with close button not triggering if multiple modals are open simultaneously.
  • [Slide Menu] – Fixed the issue of not correctly outputting menu when populating menu slug using dynamic tags.


  • [Read More] – Accessibility improvement (aria-expanded label).
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Fixed specificity issue causing width to appear incorrectly in builder.
  • [General] – Fixed an issue with Bricks v1.6.2 where some style settings were hidden if class selected.


  • [Content Timeline] – New element for creating content timeline layouts.
  • [X-Ray Mode] – In-builder option for quickly viewing layout structures visually.
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Added “gallery” option to lightbox content for pulling in galleries into single lightbox.
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Added better support for WPGB infinite scroll (see support FAQ in docs).
  • [Image hotspots] – Added an option to add custom alt text to image.
  • [Dynamic Table] – No longer outputs “NaN” if column set to numbers and cell has no value.
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Fixed the issue with UI styles styling both close buttons and navigation together.
  • [Fluent Form] – Updated some selectors to match Fluent Forms flex-box column gaps.
  • [Header Extras] – Slight CSS change to avoid small jump if header set to be sticky immediately after scrolling.
  • [General] – Removed various default CSS settings for better support for mobile-first.


  • [Pro Slider / Gallery] – Added an option to change the slide list HTML tag (for changing to
  • [Interactive Cursor] – Fixed the issue where cursor wasn’t visible on some desktop devices that have touchscreen.
  • [Header Extras] – Fixed breakpoint issue causing warning with some older versions of PHP.


  • [Header Extras] – New features added to Bricks’ header template – (overlay headers, sticky on scroll, hide header after scrolling X added to any breakpoint globally, or per page/template).
  • [Header Row] – New element for more easily building headers in bricks (supports conditionally appearing in overlay or sticky headers, change styles when sticky etc).
  • [Pro Slider] – Added an option to change all aria-labels for pagination, nav arrows etc.
  • [Pro Slider] – Added a “conditional slider” option to disable slider if not enough slides to fill the slider viewport.
  • [Pro Slider] – Added an option to set horizontal flex alignment if there are not enough slides.
  • [Pro Slider] – Added an option to delay the first staggered animation.
  • [Pro Slider] – “Focus” setting can now be changed per breakpoint.
  • [Toggle Switch] – Query loop can now be used to populate “multiple labels”.
  • [Dynamic Table] – New “Stackable table” option for stacking columns on mobile.
  • [Burger Trigger] – Now possible to hide the button text at different breakpoints.
  • [Interactive Cursor] – Cursor will now automatically shrink if moving position over an iFrame.
  • [Interactive Cursor] – Fixed the issue with cursor not reacting to readmore/less buttons.
  • [General] – Fixed compatibility issue with OffCanvas/Modal template dropdown with Bricks v1.6+.
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Fixed an issue with overflow resetting to “auto” on mobile.
  • [Table of Contents] – Fixed an issue where collapse depth wouldn’t apply.


  • [Pro Accordion] – New element for building nestable & accessible accordions.
  • [Table of Contents] – Now supports different open/close positions at different screen widths.
  • [Pro Slider] – Added support for Bricks v.1.5.6 interactions (for triggering fadein type animations on elements inside active slides).
  • [Pro Slider] – Added overflow setting to allow slides to go outside of slide track.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Added an option to change “no records found” text if there are no rows.
  • [Toggle Switch] – Added an option to disable labels and just use the toggle switch.


  • [Toggle Switch] – Added label layout controls to allow for stacking labels on mobile.
  • [Toggle Switch / Switcher] – Accessibility improvement – tablist/tabpanel & ARIA labels added when using multiple labels like tabs.
  • [Back to Top] – Fixed BricksProps CSS overriding the button SVG.
  • [Back to Top] – Fixed background circle being slightly visible over progress when on darker backgrounds.
  • [Read More] – Fixed read more not always opening when inside query loops.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Fixed an issue with columns not being resizable.


  • [Back to Top] – New element for creating animated back to top buttons.
  • [Interactive Cursor] – New element for adding cursors that interact with other elements.
  • [Popovers/Tooltips] – New element for adding popovers or tooltips to elements.
  • [Modal] – Modals using “click” as trigger can now be used inside query loops.
  • [Interactive features] – Now added to most native elements.
  • [Fluent Form] – Added “progress steps” to progress bar style controls.
  • [Lightbox] – Fixed issue where CSS grid inside lightbox content wouldn’t display correctly inside the builder.


  • [Pro Slider] Fixed a bug with the counter being blank unless navigated.


  • [Pro Slider Control] – Added an option to create custom navigation arrows/buttons for Slider.
  • [Pro Slider Gallery] – Added an ability to link gallery images to Bricks’ Lightbox.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Added “static” option – add rows/cells manually without query loop.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Alternative row styles for background / text colors.
  • [Modal] – Added “hashlink to close” option.
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Added “hashlink to close” option.
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Added “manual links” option to populate content dynamically from links. Supports images/videos/iFrames.
  • [Modal] – Fixed the issue with exit intent trigger not triggering in Safari.


  • [Reading Progress Bar] – New element for adding reading progress bars based on scroll position of containers, or of the whole page.
  • [Before / After Image] – New element for adding accessible before/after image sliders.
  • [Table of Contents] – Added option to automatically use heading text for the anchor links.
  • [Table of Contents] – Better support for Bricks’ “Add Element ID & class as needed” setting (no longer required to add an ID to the element).
  • [Modal] – Added an option to disable “auto focus on first focusable element” when opened.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Added options to change/translate all text inside the pagination summary.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Bumped to the latest GridJS version.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Added an option to customize the number of pagination buttons.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Fixed the issue with certain characters ( åäö ) not displaying correctly inside the builder.
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Removed the default 900px max-width restriction on the container.


  • [Pro Slider] – Added option to change “focus” (was originally set to “center” as default).
  • [Pro Slider] – Added controls for navigation by mouse wheel.
  • [Pro Slider] – Reduced default slide padding and now no default padding if using code element to add custom slides.
  • [Image Hotspots] – Better style control over marker icon.


  • [Pro Slider] – New element for building sliders/carousels.
  • [Pro Slider Control] – New element for adding extras to sliders: Progress bars, counters, autoplay play/pause button.
  • [Pro Slider Gallery] – New element for allowing to use the Pro Slider for dynamic galleries ex.: use ACF Gallery field or Meta Box Image Advanced or Media Library as the source of slide images.
  • [Dynamic Chart] – Added “pie / doughnut” chart type.
  • [Dynamic Lightbox] – Added easy way to add custom close buttons – “data-x-lightbox-close” attribute.
  • [Burger Trigger] – Added option to add button text.
  • [Table of Contents] – Smooth scrolling can now be disabled.
  • [Modal] – Clicking backdrop to close and ESC key to close now optional.
  • [Read More / Less] – Fixed issue where read more wouldn’t size correctly when inside a modal.
  • [OffCanvas] – Fixed issue where Safari that would cause lazy loaded images not to render.
  • [Developer docs] – gLightbox instance now exposed, so lightbox can be controlled programmatically easily.


  • [Fluent Forms] – Switched over some control types to allow for CSS variables.
  • [Modal] – When using custom link for closing, browser will now follow the link after closing the modal.
  • [General] – Addressed an issue that was causing styling not to be applied when elements were being pulled from other templates inside of templates (ex.: the “template” element or “post content” element).
  • [Modal/OffCanvas] – Fixed issue with “template” versions that would cause the “hide in builder” setting to reset sometimes when moving the elements in the structure panel.


  • [General] – Fixed an issue where inline CSS wasn’t correctly output on some installs.


  • [Header Search] – New element for creating different types of header searches.
  • [Lottie] – New element for adding interactive Lottie animations.
  • [Toggle Switch] – New element for adding toggle switches (supports multiple toggles).
  • [Content Switcher] – New element for switching multiple versions of any content.
  • [Lightbox] – Added iFrame option for lightbox content.
  • [Dynamic Table] – Now supports being inside nested query loops.
  • [Image Hotspots] – Now supports being inside nested query loops.
  • [Dynamic Chart] – Now supports being inside nested query loops.
  • [Dynamic Chart] – If no data found, will now output nothing, instead of an empty chart.
  • [Modal] – Performance improvement (prevent images/video loading until modal opened).
  • [Star rating] – Added “gap” setting for stars.
  • [Lightbox] – Fixed lazy loading images not always showing in Safari.
  • [General] – Removed all slider controls to replace with number controls (to align with Bricks v1.5.1 removing the units dropdown).
  • [General] – Minor CSS specificity changes for Bricks v1.5.1.
  • [General] – Performance improvement for element CSS to prevent FOUC (also now respects user preferred CSS loading method as set in Bricks settings – inline or external files)


  • [Dynamic tag – Loop Index] – New tag “x_loop_index” for count inside query loops (with offset filter).
  • [Interactive features] – Now available for the div and block elements.
  • [Modal, Lightbox] – Added flex layout controls to main “content” settings for easier control over the inner content layout.
  • [Table of Contents] – Now supports including headings found inside separate containers.
  • [Burger Trigger] – Added “active line color” control.


  • [Modal] – Added option to disable scroll when open.
  • [Star Rating] – Improved logic for star rating to avoid issue when using empty values from dynamic data.