Opening Pro Tabs via URL Parameter

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One of the many features of BricksExtrasPro Tabs element is the ability to directly open a tab or an element within a tab via URL parameter.

Sample structure when Pro Tabs is added inside a Section’s Container:

On the front end:

Let’s say you want to open the second tab i.e., Item 2 follow these steps:

Select the Tab Panel of the second tab (the highlighted element in the earlier structure).

Copy its HTML ID:

Now just append ?tab=brxe-yyliun at the end of your page URL.


For this to work, “Add Element ID & class as needed” in Bricks’ Performance settings should be disabled.

If you want that setting to be enabled or if you want a more readable URL parameter value than something like brxe-yyliun, select the Tab Panel (that of the 2nd tab in this example), go to STYLE → CSS and set a ID like this faq-2.

Now the 2nd tab can be opened via

It is possible to change the default URL parameter key of tab to be something else in the Pro Tabs element’s settings.

It is also possible to open a specific tab and jump to a specific element’s ID within that tab.