Support & Bug Report Guide

We’re aiming to have help/support as streamlined & efficient as possible, so you can get the answers quickly and we can offer support if/when help is needed. Here’s a quick guide, with some of the things we’ve implemented and how you can help us help you by speeding up the process when requesting support or if you think you’ve spotted a bug.


Please read the documentation for the element before using it. Every individual feature will be documented & explained what it does (if it isn’t, or if something isn’t clear let us know). The documentation is constantly being updated and rewritten, as well as videos being added based on the feedback that comes through.

Support FAQ – There’s a Support FAQ section being added in every element’s documentation page, which will be continuously updated over time. We recommend checking this out before opening a new ticket, even if you’ve looked before, as all the common questions will be answered. (If there isn’t one, it means there haven’t yet been any repeated questions for that element)

Videos – We’re adding more videos and tutorials that cover more ‘workflow’ questions, that can’t be easily explained inside the documentation. These are being added in the Youtube channel, but also linked to from the documentation.


The ideal support enquiry format:

Provide URL of the page – The number one thing is the exact page URL, without it we’re working blind. If we can visit the page where you’re having trouble, then we can know for sure what it is you’re referring to and can inspect the page live in the browser (login details also useful if it’s something happening inside of the builder)

Description of what is wrong or isn’t understood – Please be specific. It may not be obvious, just from looking, what the issue is (as we won’t know what the end goal is). If you provide details on what you’re trying to do, and what is happening instead, or which part you don’t understand, it’s more likely we can help within just one response. (attaching screenshots is very helpful for pointing things out, long videos not so much as it tends to slow things down)

Ensure it’s related to BricksExtras – Sometimes the root cause of something is difficult to know. But if there’s an issue that is not directly related to one of our features, we just ask that you first try disabling BricksExtras to rule it out, and see if the same issues persists. You may just be bumping into a general Bricks issue or unrelated CSS issue on your page.

Example of an efficient support ticket: “I’m adding an OffCanvas to the page, but it’s not sliding in when I’m clicking the button I’ve set as the trigger. I’ve tried on desktop and mobile. The URL is XXXX. Login details are: XXXX.

Example of an inefficient support ticket: ‘Why can’t I add images in my slider?’

Bug Reports

The main difference between a bug report, and general support question, is that a bug is an issue with a specific feature/setting that can be replicated outside of the site you’re working on. Once we can replicate it on a test site, we can then confirm it is indeed a bug. It’s then something that we would address from inside the plugin in a future update.

The ideal bug report format:

Provide either a URL (of an otherwise blank site) showing the issue happening with the element (ideally with no other plugins or caching). Or a step-by-step on how to reproduce the problem ourselves.

Example of an efficient bug report: “When I’m using the border-radius setting on this particular element, it’s not being applied. To recreate.. add element X, go to the style > border setting and try to add a border-radius.

Example of an inefficient bug report: ‘Your Lottie animation isn’t working, why is that?’

(the latter requires us to ask for more information)

Out of Scope

We can only provide support for features/settings in BricksExtras. General Bricks / WordPress issues or involving custom development isn’t part of the provided support.

If you’re enquiring about functionality/behaviour that isn’t part of BricksExtras, it’s not something for support, generally it’s considered a feature request if you’re wanting for it to be included. (if the functionality isn’t mentioned in the documentation, it’s not a feature)

Example of an out-of-scope request: I’m using your element that allows me to do X & Y. What I’m trying to build is.. Z. Can you go through my custom code and help me work through it?

That’s it

The overall goal is to make sure we are able to answer as many support questions within one response as possible, and receiving enough information is key.

Common questions or issues will be addressed either in the support FAQ as well as new videos or tutorials covering anything that takes a bit more explanation. Feel free to request either videos or tutorials also, if something isn’t making sense from the documentation or current available resources.